List of international country calling codes for all of the world

Because, one of the most important part of MSISDN is country code, here is given every country calling code from the entire world. One view of zones organizations depending by country calling code, and geographical locations depending by continent, region and number of citizen of each country.

Zone 1 - North American Numbering Plan Area (NANPA)
Zone 2 - African countries
Zone 3 - European smaller countries (Serbia, Croatia, ...)
Zone 4 - European larger countries (Germany, Poland, United Kingdom, France, ...)
Zone 5 - Latin America countries
Zone 6 - Countries in southeast Asia and Oceania
Zone 7 - Eurasia region, Ex Soviet Union countries
Zone 8 - East Asia Contries and some other special services
Zone 9 - Countries in Central, South and Western Asia

Rest of the world, we will not take in consideration this time.

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